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works for me wednesday – august 30

Posted by mamabright on August 29, 2007

works for me wednesdayif you are anything like me…you tend to get a little antsy if you can’t change up the scenery of your environment every now and then…you know…rearranging your bedroom, living room, whatever…

well…I have a pretty compact house…and moving furniture around isn’t usually an option…

but one of the things I have found is that I can change my computer wallpaper/desktop graphic regularly to give it a new look…and I don’t mean the stock options on your windows software…blah!

I discovered this site about a year ago…and now…I change my desktop wallpaper once a month…and…they send me an email every month to let me know the new wallpapers are posted…so my already overloaded brain doesn’t have to remember to do it…BONUS!

every month CrossCards posts 7 or 8 new wallpapers…some with calendars, some without…most with a scripture or quote…and all absolutely beautiful…oh…and FREE!

you don’t even have to download the wallpapers if you don’t want to…just click on the size that best fits your monitor…this will open up the graphic in a larger size that enables you to see it in better detail…and if you want to use it as your wallpaper…simply right click and choose “set as background”!

VOILA!!!  a beautiful new screen…works for me!

btw…the September wallpapers are already posted…and they are gorgeous!!!

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4 Responses to “works for me wednesday – august 30”

  1. Toni said

    Fun tip! I love changing my wallpaper to fit my mood. There used to be a software I used that would change it automatically by cycling through a set of your chosen images. Anybody remember this?

  2. Thanks for the idea :) I often get the need to change the furniture around in our house…LOL…so maybe DH will be happy that I’m just changing the wallpaper on my laptop and not changing the rooms around on him…!

  3. Mayogi said

    I’ve listed you as one of my 5 recommendations for World Blog Day
    Here is my post:

  4. I’ll have to check this out.

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